We just love installing your new braai or fireplace! We even install coffee roasters!

All work are done to the best standards and regulations and carry a 1 year guarantee on workmanship.

All installation materials are the best suited for the appliance.


On Site Servicing

We can service your braai, fireplace or cowl at your premises.

A service will ensure that it works safely, efficiently and will save your money in the long run.

A service should be carried our annually or before or after the peak season. 

Chimney & Flue Sweeping

A sweep should be performed annually or before or after the peak season.

Soot and creosote build up during use, nests built by critters can cause a blockage, start a chimney fire, smoke back or cause CO2 poisoning.

Many have had a fire but never noticed it until too late! If you suspect there's something wrong, call us! 

Chimney & Flue Repairs

A damaged or leaking chimney or flue stack will cause the improper draw or no draw at all. The chimney or flue stack is the "engine" of the appliance and should be designed correctly. 

We can repair your flue pipes or chimney to ensure they draw properly and safely.

Gas Braai Servicing

We service most gas braais, whether built in or free standing but specialise in Chad-O-Chef.

A service will ensure your unit is working safely, saving cooking gas and time.


We do all minor waterproofing to roofs, chimneys and flues. All work are done using the best products and carries a 1 year guarantee on workmanship.

Waterproofing should be checked twice a year by the homeowner or contractor.

Minor Building & Painting

We also offer minor building, plastering, ceiling and painting work relating to braais or fireplaces.

Let us build your next brick braai, repair the hole in the ceiling or painting around the braai...

Site Visits

We can do a site visit to inspect, advise and quote on the best possible option for the client.

We do ask a callout fee for time and costs.

Extraction Solutions

Extraction of gasses, smoke and by products from braais or fireplaces can be harmful to you, your family or property if not extracted properly.

Forced extraction still needs to be designed and done to ensure it works at it's best.

Many fireplaces and braais are designed poorly and needs forced extraction by use of canopies/smoke collectors or fan motors.