Choosing the right fireplace

What do you need to know? Freestanding or insert? Open-fire, slow burning or closed combustion? Steel, cast iron or ceramic? Black, grey, stainless steel, red, green, blue, brown or white? Wood, or gas? The choices are endless...

Sizing & Installation:
A good wood burning appliance is primarily a stove, a fireplace,
or a fireplace insert perfectly adapted to your needs. Do not
hesitate to contact a fireplace installer.They will
help you to select the ideal product in terms of heating volume,
insulation and configuration for your home. They will determine a suitable
location based the flue, the size of the appliance and safety distances

Price is of course an important criterion. When you set your
budget, remember to take into account you won’t be changing your wood
stove, fireplace or insert every 5 or 10 years, this is a long term

Stoves, fireplaces and inserts offer a wide range of thermal
performance. Use a room or fireplace calculator to determine the correct size appliance or you might have a over sized or under sized unit, resulting in it running efficient or over firing the unit. A smaller or cheaper unit would not be suitable, as would too large a unit that's needed for multiple areas be too hot for the immediate room it is installed in.

Contemporary, vintage, rectangular, oval, original, traditional... Choosing wood burning stove is love at the first sight. One thing for sure,
this decorative object will not go unnoticed in your living room.
So let your eyes guide you, and let yourself be transported by
your design senses.

Modern & Contemporary Fireplaces
If you have a swanky modern home then it makes sense that you want your fireplace to reflect that. While a traditional style fireplace with all of its intricate detailing and craftsmanship may look amazing, it would look a little out of place in a minimalist contemporary home.

Traditional & Period Fireplaces
For many of you who have an older property, then installing a modern fireplace probably sounds like sacrilege! Fortunately, there are a world of options available for those who want a fireplace that fits nicely in with their period decor.